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Welcome to the Center for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the KLINIK am RING

Patients interested in aesthetic plastic surgery and those who are looking for advice in this area have trusted the highly specialized physicians for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery at the KLINIK am RING for more than 19 years:

Our motivation is our love for people and beauty as well as a passion for plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Our ultimate goal has always been to consult based on the latest developments in medicine rather than on the latest trends in cosmetic surgeries.

Our clinic with 25 beds and an intensive care / monitoring unit with six beds offers our patients in addition to all required safety measures and comfort, a loving and friendly atmosphere. Our staff is proud to provide the best care possible and to be members of a successful team. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at our facilities.

According to §30 (Gewerbe Ordnung/Industrial Code), the KLINIK am RING is a state-licensed private clinic in Cologne, Germany, with modern technology and the highest standards in hygiene. Your senior physicians are:


Rainer Abel-Vallot, M.D.
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon

  koenig Michael A. König, M.D.
Aestetic and Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeries: Individual consultations to find the right treatment to meet your individual needs


Between the ages of 35-65, the skin starts to lose elasticity, exhibiting signs of sagging. This is a normal development. The effect of this is often that the face looks very tired, particularly in the cheek area as well as the area around the eyes. Patients will often request an upper eyelid correction to make the eyes appear brighter. Additionally, many patients will notice a change in the cheek area. The cheeks appear to slide downward and form what some may refer to as jowls. The nasolabial folds, also known as ‘smile’ or ‘laugh’ lines, deepen and dag causing the face to appear sullen and tired.


BauchdeckenstraffungAbdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

finally able to wear a bikini again

A special type of an abdominoplasty, is the abdominal corset lift according to Abel-König, is a technique to model the midsection, rejuvenate the waist, and to firm the abdominal part (belly).  In the past, it took three separate surgeries, namely the modulation of muscle or tummy tuck, the tightening of connective tissue, and the removal of excess skin. During an abdominal corset lift, these areas are covered in one single surgery.


Abdominoplasty (Tommy tuck)


For beauty under the knife – is there really a guaranty for success?

Sweating in the Fitness Studio is much more tedeous as for example a liposuction or tomy tuck. Delicious food - eating and drinking excessively - is yet another obstacle in the effort to lose those extra pounds.

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brustvergroesserung-bildBreast Enlargement

Very fine, almost invisible scars carry a "well-kept secret". This claim motivated the plastic surgeons Dr. Rainer Abel and Dr. Michael A. König at the KLINIK am RING to not only develop a new type of surgery first introduced in the United States, to perfection, but also to develop their own special instrument for this procedure.